Newlex – support of your business
with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world and any device.


Delve into your business

Our experts analyze your industry
and business specifics


Getting to work

Our experts selects the most optimal subscription to
our service in accordance with your wishes


We advise on business process
optimization and risk reduction

We conduct a brief legal and accounting audit of your business in order
to identify problem points that exist at the current time and may arise in the future


You are successfully
developing your business

We undertake all legal
and accounting processes


We know what you need

Legal services

  • Judicial block
  • Contract block
  • Legal audit
  • Corporate blog
  • Claim Block
  • International Block
  • Mediation and bankruptcy
  • Minimization of criminal risks
  • Legal monitoring and analytics

Accounting services

  • Formation of primary documentation (acts, invoices, invoices)
  • Reflection in the accounting database of all primary documents provided by the client
  • Payroll calculation of all taxes to the funds
  • Consultations on accounting and tax accounting
  • Preparation and submission of accounting reports to the FTS, FIU, SIF and FSSS

Advantages of working with our legal and accounting support service

Working with NEW LEX

You can start working with our team within a few hours from the moment of our acquaintance with you.


Large labor costs when choosing a specialist, doubts about his competence, since reviews can be inflated

Expert in the state

Significant time and financial costs: either you need to contact HR agencies, or post a vacancy and conduct interviews yourself, identifying potential candidates

Working with NEW LEX

More than 40 lawyers and accountants are at your disposal from the first minute of working with us.


For each case you need different expert.

Expert in the state

One of the employees can’t know everything in legal and account field accounting and tax accounting, which leads to additional costs for hiring highly qualified specialists of different orientation.

Working with NEW LEX

High speed, affordable and high-quality work. You can use several of our specialists at the same time, we will monitor them, you will only have to accept the finished result.


There may be delays in the performance of work, in most cases there is no responsibility for the work done.

Expert in the state

The risks that a specialist in the state may get sick, go on vacation, be absent from the workplace, or simply not cope when several diverse tasks arrive.

Working with NEW LEX

We have been accompanying entrepreneurs for more than 8 years: from microbusiness to large representative offices of foreign companies.


Difficulty in evaluating the work performed — in most cases, not all entrepreneurs have specialized accounting or legal knowledge.

Expert in the state

There are practically no highly qualified experts of a wide profile, so there are risks that the result of the work will not be enough, worked out in all aspects.

Why work with us is so convenient


We are in touch in any way convenient for you 24/7: personal account, mail, messenger, phone


With our service, personnel costs are reduced while improving the quality and result of work

Experts team

Lawyers and accountants of a wide profile with extensive experience at the price of a full-time entry-level experts

We will answer any questions
about the support of your business.

Heads of our team's directions

Gravirov Nikolai

Managing Partner

Experience more than 15 years


Paleyeva Maria

Chief Specialist in Judicial Work

Experience more than 6 years


Tatiana Soyuzova

Partner in the accounting field

Experience more than 25 years


Vladimir Bogdanov

Director of Sales and Marketing Department

Experience more than 7 years


Clients and partners