Legal services for business

How we working

Personal approach to each client

There is no single template, each case under consideration is individual, and the approach, therefore, is also personal

From the start of work in less than a day

Procrastination is unacceptable for us - we always promptly get involved in to the work

We consulting at all stages of support

We provide consultations not according to any limited regulations, but when the client has needs

We honestly tells about the prospects and possible risks

We don’t see the point in promising to do the impossible, we are not magicians, but professionals who are able to understand the prospects of the case and the risks, which we inform clients about

We always help to develop the best action strategy

Usually there are several options for solving a case, but we will always offer the best strategy out of several, and we will already decide on tactics regarding it

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Services and prices

Legal support for business
от 3 000 ₽/month
Arbitration Lawyer
от 5 000 ₽/month
Corporate disputes
от 8 000 ₽/month
Bankruptcy of legal entities
от 12 500 ₽/month
Legal examination of contracts
от 3 000 ₽/month
Business registration
от 1 ₽/month
Construction contract disputes
от 4 000 ₽/month
Labor disputes
от 4 000 ₽/month
Commercial real Estate Lawyer
от 3 000 ₽/month

Calculator for the cost of legal services
by the number of services per month


10 200

rubles per month

Order a service

5 steps to work with us


You set a case for us

In any way convenient for you: in your personal account, by mail, in messenger or by phone


Our specialist evaluates the case

Offers optimal solutions and a deadline for their implementation


In short time you get the result

You will only have to accept the result of the work.


We assign manager to you

Depending on the task and profile


The status of the task is recorded in the personal account

Indicating the time and status of execution


Heads of our team's directions

Gravirov Nikolai

Managing Partner

Experience more than 15 years


Paleyeva Maria

Chief Specialist in Judicial Work

Experience more than 6 years


Tatiana Soyuzova

Partner in the accounting field

Experience more than 25 years


Vladimir Bogdanov

Director of Sales and Marketing Department

Experience more than 7 years


Clients and partners


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