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NEWLEX company will help to legally and optimally write off debts to citizens.
Our job is your freedom from debt.

A real opportunity for you to write off your debts

Circumstances sometimes turn against you, and debts are a heavy burden on your shoulders. Do not despair, we will come to the rescue - the debts will be written off

Extensive work experience

We have extensive experience in the bankruptcy of individuals, we know everything about bankruptcy

We will select an arbitration manager

A lot depends on the actions of the arbitration manager in bankruptcy, so we will help with the candidacy of a specialist

We will take over the entire legal routine

To save your nerves, we are ready to take on the organization of bankruptcy, including work with papers, departments and creditors

Individual approach

The essence of the problems is the same - and everyone has a different approach, taking into account the individual situation in which a particular client is located

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The law on the Bankruptcy of Individuals was published in October 2015, it describes in detail under what conditions the bankruptcy of individuals is possible, its procedure and procedure, as well as the inevitable consequences that it entails for the debtor.

The main condition for the bankruptcy of an individual is a debt of half a million rubles and the delay of this payment for more than three months. In other words, the bankruptcy of an individual cannot simply be declared – it will need to be documented in court.

NewLex Law Company offers residents of the capital a service - bankruptcy of individuals on a turnkey basis. This is full support and comprehensive assistance in the process - if necessary:

  • arrange something,
  • negotiate with the lender,
  • protect financial assets and tangible assets if possible,
  • consult at any time to understand the situation.

Bankruptcy of an individual necessarily goes through three stages. Since bankruptcy always goes through court, it is necessary to start with filing an application.

The second stage – the most difficult – is that it will be necessary to prove in court that you are a conscientious borrower who finds himself in an unsolvable life situation. A bankruptcy lawyer in Moscow will help you do this. It seems difficult without a lawyer.

The final stage is the judicial bankruptcy procedure of an individual. An application for bankruptcy of an individual can be filed both by the debtor himself, which most often happens, and by the creditor or an authorized state body – for example, the tax inspectorate.

Bankruptcy is smooth and simple if it is accompanied by a lawyer for the bankruptcy of individuals. Its services include:

  1. Preparation of an individual bankruptcy plan for an individual,
  2. Collection and preparation of the necessary documentation for the court,
  3. Negotiations with creditors and representatives of the FSSP,
  4. Representation in court, protection of the client's interests at all stages.

Also, a good lawyer can help in debt restructuring and appeal against illegal actions of controlling state bodies.

As a rule, citizens turn to a lawyer when it is really impossible to pay for a loan taken from a bank or microfinance organization. Pensioners apply because of the actual inability to pay utility bills.

Any legal process cannot pass without consequences, and bankruptcy of individuals, including simplified ones, is no exception.

  • Firstly, it is necessary to clearly understand that by resorting to the bankruptcy of an individual, you will permanently ruin your credit history. No self-respecting bank will lend you a ruble. Microfinance organizations are not so scrupulous, but working with them is very risky.
  • However, formally, according to the law, an individual will not be able to take out a loan, as well as file a second bankruptcy application only within five years.
  • In addition, an individual who has declared himself bankrupt is deprived of the right to hold senior positions for three years. For a standard resident of Russia, this is usually not a problem, as is the inability to head funds.
  • The main positive consequence will be the fact that an individual will be completely exempt from debt repayment. Simply put, this is an opportunity to write off debts cleanly (not counting alimony and payments for harm to health).

You can sign up for a free consultation and find out the cost of the services of a lawyer for the bankruptcy of individuals by calling the phone number indicated in the header of the site.

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