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An inheritance lawyer in Moscow is an elite specialist working in his highly specialized topic. Inheritance law has traditionally been considered one of the most difficult categories of cases for several hundred years, and this is still true.

Inheritance, despite its apparent simplicity, is a very complex legal process that is important to conduct legally competently. It must be carried out within a strictly statutory period by will or by law. Otherwise, it will be necessary to restore the term of acceptance of the inheritance.

NewLex Law Firm offers the help of experienced specialists. The law assigns a limited period to inheritance – no more than six months from the date of its opening. It is not always possible to meet the deadline: if you did not know about the inheritance, or there was a serious conflict with other family members who also claim the inheritance.

A lawyer for inheritance cases should level out conflict situations. Of course, the involvement of a law firm when entering into an inheritance significantly saves time. Inheritance law, like any other law, has its own specifics, little understood by a person who is not versed in legal subtleties.

For example, it is necessary to submit an application to a notary for registration of inheritance at the last place of registration of the deceased. And you may well live not only in another city, but also in another country.

Numerous documents that need to be prepared and submitted to the authorities in the prescribed form and in a short time give special complexity to inheritance cases. More information on this issue can be found in Article 1154 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. A free consultation of a lawyer on inheritance can also clarify the subtleties.

Inheritance by will, according to the law, is possible if the deceased left and notarized a document stating his will regarding the property.

In addition to the actual will, documents will be required:

  • confirming the death of the testator,
  • confirming the right to inheritance,
  • other additional documents at the discretion of the court, if there is a trial.

However, almost any will can be challenged, for example, by proving that the person who made it was in an unbalanced mental state or was subjected to physical or moral pressure at the time of drawing up and signing.

Entering into an inheritance without a will is called "entering into an inheritance by law." If the deceased did not have time or did not wish to leave a will, the property will be distributed among the heirs in order of priority.

The order, in turn, will be calculated based on the degree of kinship with the deceased. The heirs of the first stage include:

  • Spouses
  • Children

Some of the heirs can be excluded by recognizing them in court as unworthy. It is almost impossible to hold and win such a dispute without evidence selected by a lawyer. For example, a child who has not fulfilled his duties for the maintenance of an elderly parent may be considered unworthy. Or, conversely, a parent deprived of parental rights in relation to a child. By the way, he has the right to a retaliatory measure - the restoration of the right to inheritance through the court.

Entering into an inheritance requires a lot of experience and knowledge of many regulatory legal acts, which will probably be useful to you 1-2 times in your life. In addition, remember that it may be unpleasant for you to meet other heirs and participate in their squabble for material benefits after the death of your loved one.

And you can also attract a hereditary lawyer for the competent drafting of the will itself - in order to minimize the risks of challenging it after death.

Therefore, you should not engage in senseless savings, trying to solve the issue yourself. There are people for whom helping their clients with inheritance cases is a thoroughly familiar job. The cost of a lawyer's services when registering an inheritance usually does not go to any comparison with the value of the property due to you or a share in it.

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