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NEWLEX Company provides family dispute resolution services.
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Great practice in the division of property

It is painful to share jointly acquired property in a divorce. We try to settle the dispute peacefully, keeping our clients' nerves and self-respect

We will help you determine the order of communication with children on the best terms

We will help to maintain communication with the child after the divorce, as we are sure that the restriction in communication out of revenge will traumatize both the parent and the child

We will calculate for free how much alimony you can expect

We will help you determine the amount of alimony that the child is entitled to receive, and we will do it for free

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A family lawyer in Moscow is one of the most sought-after specialists in the field of legal services. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 marriages end in divorce, and about a third of them - within one year. Such statistics lead to the fact that a family lawyer is one of the key specialists who solves a wide range of issues:

  • Division of jointly acquired property;
  • Assignment of alimony;
  • Reduction or increase of alimony amounts;
  • Drawing up a marriage contract;
  • Recognition of marriage as invalid;
  • Adoption or establishment of guardianship;
  • Section of credit obligations;
  • Determination of the child's place of residence;
  • Determining the order of communication with the child of a separate parent;
  • Conducting negotiations with the opposing side.

The last point should be discussed separately. A good family lawyer is always a psychologist and a diplomat. Having married, people expect to live together happily ever after. Deceived in their expectations, they are very upset. Often raging emotions do not allow them to agree and come to a reasonable compromise that suits everyone.

In this case, a family law lawyer acts as a mediator, whose extensive practice allows you to conduct a divorce not only quickly, but also correctly, at a professional level. Acting by proxy, a specialist can carry out all the necessary manipulations - you will not have to meet a person with whom you have recently been connected by strong feelings.

Despite the apparent simplicity of such disputes, each of them is purely individual, includes many nuances. For example, most citizens know that jointly acquired property is divided between spouses. But not everyone is aware that credit cards are also divided proportionally.

Additionally, the situation is complicated by the specifics of Russian legislation. It invariably protects the interests of minors. In the presence of common children, the divorce will take place exclusively through the court, even if the parties have independently agreed on everything in advance, and have no claims against each other. The State reserves the right to intervene if it considers that the interests of children have been violated.

The principled position of our company is that the client chooses the package of services that he considers necessary. We do not impose services that he does not need. At its discretion, the client can limit:

  • Extensive legal advice (full-time or part-time);
  • Assistance in drafting a statement of claim, collecting documentation;
  • Formation of a position, selection of arguments;
  • Acting in court to protect the interests of the client.

You can also transfer to a specialist the right to full legal support of the divorce, periodically receiving interim reports on the status of the case.

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