Consumer protection for HCS

How we working

NEWLEX company will help in housing disputes related to violations by utilities and CP.
We will put the management company in place.

We will save your time and nerves

You do not need to go to the organizations of the housing sector, we will do it for you and make the utilities remember their responsibilities

We will resolve housing disputes

Management companies often provide substandard services, and this is wrong, we will protect your rights in a pre-trial/judicial procedure

We will consult you for free

Our employees know the subtleties and tricks of organizations providing public services, and we know how to deal with them - the consultation is free

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Heads of our team's directions

Gravirov Nikolai

Managing Partner

Experience more than 15 years


Paleyeva Maria

Chief Specialist in Judicial Work

Experience more than 6 years


Tatiana Soyuzova

Partner in the accounting field

Experience more than 25 years


Vladimir Bogdanov

Director of Sales and Marketing Department

Experience more than 7 years


Clients and partners


HCS in Moscow is a matter for a specialist who deals with problems that have arisen with housing – apartments, houses.

Housing disputes with which a housing lawyer works are quite complex – this is the point where the interests of homeowners, government agencies and management companies intersect. This requires a housing lawyer to have comprehensive legal training and knowledge of frequently changing legislation.

NewLex Law Firm has established itself as one of the best. The company's housing lawyer has resolved hundreds of disputes related to violations from public utilities.

The work should begin with a legal consultation, during which the specialist will comprehensively study the issue that has arisen, analyze the documents and draw up a business strategy.

Legal advice will not cost you a penny, but it will give you a full understanding of the current situation. In addition, some of the issues can be solved by a person independently – after he understands where and what documents to receive.

Many citizens want to challenge the debt they have incurred, or they are not satisfied with the quality of housing and communal services provided. Conflicts in the HOA are not uncommon.

The work of a housing lawyer includes:

  • Preparation of all necessary procedural documents, lawsuits, petitions, complaints,
  • Collection and submission of documents to the court,
  • Analysis of the legal situation and preparation of the evidence base,
  • Representation of the principal's interests in court,
  • Legal support at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

The cost of housing lawyer services is insignificant compared to the total cost of housing. Housing (apartment or house) is usually the only large real estate that a person has. Its loss can cause critical consequences, and the provision of services of inadequate quality can lead to health problems or the need for expensive repairs.

In addition, most citizens are not legally literate enough to independently defend their rights in the housing sector. Which is not surprising, given that most of these extensive and specific knowledge is simply not needed.

Therefore, it makes sense to use the services of a professional housing lawyer and calmly go about their business without trying to become a lawyer in five minutes.

Protecting the rights of consumers of housing and communal services by a professional lawyer can significantly save you time. The defender will take over the entire conduct of the case, including the protection of your interests in court. You will also be presented with the final result.

No one is pleased to beat the thresholds of structures from the housing sector. Organizations of this kind are rarely set up for a conflict-free solution to a problem. Meanwhile, the law dictates the need to provide quality services to residents. Sometimes a simple conversation with a lawyer is enough for the performer to remember his duties and fulfill what you have been waiting for from him for months or even years.

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