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NEWLEX company to restore justice in case of violation of the contract with a travel company.
We are sure that the tourism business must be customer-oriented.

We will refund the cost of the trip

If the service is of inadequate quality, the reality turned out to be far from what was promised - we will refund the cost of the voucher to the client

We will defend our rights in court

The travel agency does not want a peaceful resolution of the dispute? We will file a lawsuit and defend the interests of the client in court

We will consult you for free

We are ready to consult for free, answer all questions, tell the prospects of the case

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Heads of our team's directions

Gravirov Nikolai

Managing Partner

Experience more than 15 years


Paleyeva Maria

Chief Specialist in Judicial Work

Experience more than 6 years


Tatiana Soyuzova

Partner in the accounting field

Experience more than 25 years


Vladimir Bogdanov

Director of Sales and Marketing Department

Experience more than 7 years


Clients and partners


A lawyer on tourist issues in Moscow is a sought-after specialist. Residents of the capital often have enough money to get out of the stuffy metropolis on vacation to the borders of Russia. But everything does not always go smoothly, and most people do not understand what they can demand from a tour operator as a tourist and what they cannot.

The NewLex company is a reliable, large company with experienced specialists. We have already helped hundreds of clients, and we will help you. How are we going to help:

  • we will collect a penalty and moral compensation from the company providing services in the field of tourism;
  • we will refund the cost of the trip in full - in monetary terms;
  • we will assign the legal costs and expenses for legal services to the travel agency;
  • we will assist in the termination of the contract unilaterally.

A tourist product is the same product as any other. Therefore, there is a Law on consumer protection, as well as a Federal Law on the basics of tourist activity in the Russian Federation. What legal conflicts are possible:

  • the terms of the contract were violated,
  • the services were not presented in full,
  • services of inadequate quality were provided,
  • the discrepancy between the declared and the real one.
  • the flight of the plane was delayed,
  • the requirements of the legislation were not met,
  • you were in an emergency situation, and you were not provided with assistance.

The activities of travel agencies should be focused on the interests of customers. But often it is aimed only at making a profit. Do not let the matter take its course, contact a qualified specialist for protection in a dispute. In case of a win, the cost of the services of a lawyer on tourist issues will be collected from the losing party.

Sign up for a free consultation to talk about your situation. The lawyer will analyze the documents, tell you about the legal norms, we will try to settle the dispute in a pre-trial order. If the travel agency is not set up for a peaceful path, the lawyer will form an evidence base, make a statement of claim and go to court with it.

Your lawyer will not only help to develop a legal position on the case, but will also represent in court, as well as appeal, if necessary, an unsatisfactory court decision. However, if you have a professional lawyer on your side, there is a great chance for a pre-trial settlement of the conflict.

Remember that travel operators almost always have a legal department on their staff. And they talk to customers from a position of strength, without fear of consequences. As soon as a lawyer comes to the negotiations, and the company understands that the client is going to go to the conflict to the end, the mood changes significantly.

Ask your questions to a practicing lawyer for a free consultation.

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