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NEWLEX company will help to achieve justice if your employment relationship has become problematic.
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Let's check the legality of the dismissal

Are you being fired? We will definitely check how legal it is, prove the illegality of the dismissal

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Were you unfairly fired, besides not paid? Not a problem for us - we will restore your rights and return your place in the company

We will consult you for free about the specifics of labor legislation

Our lawyers will inform you about the labor legislation and tell you how the legislation works in your case

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A lawyer for labor disputes in Moscow is a general specialist. The capital, as a multi-million city, has always attracted visitors in terms of work. However, labor law, with all its elaboration, either does not function at all, or all processes are carried out with a big creak.

This is due to the low level of legal literacy among citizens who are poorly aware of their rights and opportunities, the traditional unwillingness to come into conflict with their superiors and numerous (sometimes black) schemes for employment in the company.

In the Russian Federation, there is a multi-level system of protection of labor interests: starting from trade unions, ending with the labor inspectorate. However, statistics show that these venerable organizations are not able to achieve results when it comes to specific issues:

  • Illegal dismissal;
  • Non-payment or arrears of wages;
  • Incorrect accrual of PO;
  • Non-payment or delay of vacation pay;
  • Refusal to grant leave;
  • Non-payment or delay of maternity payments;
  • Refusal to pay overtime;
  • Poor working conditions.

Unfortunately, it is possible to solve such issues in relation to individuals only through the court with the involvement of a specialist. They are represented by a labor dispute lawyer. This is due to the fact that companies always either have a lawyer on their staff or involve a law firm to protect their interests. Thus, a citizen finds himself in a losing position when he tries to defend his legal rights - in court or pre-trial.

Free consultation of a lawyer on labor disputes, as a rule, gives results, but it is too late - the employee waits until the last, hoping for the word of the employer. Each case is unique, most of the processes are regulated by deadlines. Therefore, who did not have time, he was late. It is necessary to apply for legal assistance as soon as a problem looms on the horizon or a conflict is brewing.

NewLex has developed a multi-level comprehensive support system in the field of labor disputes. During the initial consultation, the principal states the essence of his case, after which the situation is analyzed, and he is offered several solutions to choose from. Further, he is free to choose to what extent a labor lawyer will represent his interests.

He can take over the entire conduct of the case and protect the rights of the client without his direct participation in court sessions. Or limit yourself to a set of specific services - from drafting a statement of claim to calculating compensation due to a defrauded employee by law. Do not leave unpunished unacceptable lordly attitude towards yourself. Protect yourself - with NewLex.

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