Protection of consumer rights when imposing services

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NEWLEX company will help in cases when you are denied the provision of services without paying for additional services.
Our concern is the protection of the consumer's right to free choice.

Dispute resolution on additional services

We will stop the imposition, we will make a claim to the contractor, and if it does not help, we will restore justice through the court


We will provide a free consultation, tell you where you can apply and what to do

Great experience

We constantly provide services to clients who are brazenly imposed additional services by a medical center or an insurance company, we have extensive experience in resolving such disputes

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Consumer protection when imposing services in Moscow is such a popular service that sometimes the question arises involuntarily, are sellers/ performers aware at all that forcing a buyer / client to purchase a product or service he does not need is infringement of rights?

Not all buyers are aware of their rights in this area. And even among those who are aware, there are those who do not want to enter into legal proceedings and defend their rights.

For imposing additional paid services, it is possible and necessary to hold unscrupulous sellers accountable. This is especially sinned in the field of banking, credit and insurance services. But this is not uncommon in the field of education, medicine, cosmetology, technical control and so on.

A person who makes a purchase, according to the law, has consumer interests, the violation of which is illegal. These rights and interests include:

  • The ability to choose a product or service without any compulsion - both direct (we won't sell it if you don't take it) and indirect (no one has ever left without it, happiness is impossible without it).
  • The ability to acquire in the absence of imposition.
  • The possibility to terminate the transaction and demand compensation for the costs incurred for the purchase of unnecessary and unclaimed goods or services.

How to understand that something is being imposed on you? Carefully look at the contract:

  • some additional service or the order of a certain work is imputed to you as the acquirer in the obligation;
  • the document does not contain a clause granting the right to refuse an additional service;
  • the agreement immediately states consent to receive an additional service, you only need to sign it (that is, the option of selling without it is not provided at all);
  • even if the service is really necessary, it is impossible to choose its contractor and change the payment method;
  • you are offered discounts and benefits in return for agreeing to an additional service.

If you doubt whether the seller's offers are legitimate, you can contact a lawyer for advice. You have the right to take the proposed contract with you, and not sign it on the spot.

  • The lawyer will act as follows:
  • he will study the contract and its terms,
  • communicate with the seller, and then with the administration,
  • make and file a written claim,
  • contact Rospotrebnadzor,
  • collect evidence and file a lawsuit in court.

The result of the court proceedings may be a refund of the full amount spent on the unclaimed service, a fine of 50% of this amount paid in your favor, as well as compensation for moral damage. Also, the organization may also be fined by relevant departments (the seller faces an administrative fine).

And it's not just about getting the loss back. Do not allow your rights to be violated and your interests as a client to be infringed. Your demand for freedom of choice and independent decision on what you are going to purchase is legitimate!

But in order not to engage in doorsteps and disputes with the seller yourself, contact a lawyer - he is savvy in these matters, has the necessary experience, and his actions will be as effective as possible.

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