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NEWLEX company will help with debt issues, regardless of whether the defendant is a client or a plaintiff.
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We do not know how to work formally, each case is unique, and we are completely immersed in it, striving to do the job as best as possible

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Everything we do, everything serves one purpose - to get the desired result

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“Keep your finger on the pulse” is about us, we fully control the process, always up to date with current affairs, which allows us to act promptly and in the right direction

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The client turned to us, trusted us, so we are obliged to take care of his rights

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We know that anyone can get into an unpleasant situation, so we show loyalty and understanding to customers

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Debt collection from individuals is a common thing in legal practice. Both a citizen who is owed money and a person who is under pressure from a credit institution or a lender who is unable to repay the debt can seek the help of a lawyer specializing in the return of money by legal means.

A debt collection lawyer should be involved in a timely manner, because the statute of limitations on these cases is only three years, so it is necessary to achieve debt collection as soon as possible.

The NewLex company offers citizens legal assistance with debt collection in the capital and in the Moscow region. You can get detailed information about the possibility of debt collection by phone or at the company's office.

As a rule, professional debt collection lawyers in Moscow work with the following cases:

  • Repayment of debt by receipt or loan agreement,
  • Debt collection under a contract,
  • Collection of accounts receivable from legal entities.

Also, the task of a debt collection lawyer includes the need to achieve the payment of additional amounts - a penalty in case of late payment. For example, when paying back a debt under a lease agreement.

A lawyer specializing in debt collection is a qualified specialist. Debt collection is a rather painstaking process that requires patience and extensive legal knowledge.

In addition to legal advice, at which the lawyer tells the client in detail about the prospects of his case and the risks he may face, the lawyer also draws up or checks the necessary documents, negotiates with the debtor or credit institution.

Often an experienced debt collection lawyer can resolve the issue in a pre-trial manner. Settlement of disputes without a court saves the client time significantly. Of course, a debt collection lawyer can represent the interests of the principal in court proceedings or appeal, if necessary, the decision made in court.

Judicial recovery for a long time is based on the provision of the necessary legal documents. In addition to the receipt itself, they can prove that there was a loan:

  • Bank statements,
  • Certificates from the tax inspectorate,
  • Contracts with a credit institution,
  • Even correspondence in social networks.

A lawyer with extensive practical experience in document management can collect all this by requesting it from the relevant authorities, or prepare it independently by notarizing it.

When collecting debts, many give up, confident that the situation is hopeless. It should be understood that hopeless situations do not happen if you have a professional debt collection lawyer on your side, who has dozens of successfully resolved cases on his account. It is necessary to return the funds! Don't leave people unpunished.

But it is important to remember that the trial is the last civilized method that can be resorted to when returning money. Seeking help from debt collectors can have very unpleasant consequences, including a criminal case.

A person against whom a debt collection case has been initiated may declare himself bankrupt. The law also provides for the bankruptcy of individuals. Therefore, if you have a need for debt collection, you should act quickly and decisively, otherwise you risk being left with nothing.

You can sign up for a free consultation with a lawyer engaged in debt collection in Moscow by calling the phone number indicated in the header of the site.

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