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NEWLEX company will protect your rights as a consumer.
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No one is immune from the purchase of low-quality goods / services, which does not mean that you need to put up with it - we will help to achieve justice

We will tell you how to return a low-quality product (or money for a poorly rendered service)

It is possible and necessary to demand a refund for low-quality goods/ services - and we will tell you how to do it correctly

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Sometimes the outcome of a case may not be so favorable, and we always honestly tell clients about possible scenarios

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A consumer protection lawyer in Moscow is a specialist engaged in protecting the rights of buyers of goods – things or services. In his work, according to Law No. 2300-1 "On Consumer Rights Protection".

Legal services in this area are among the most in demand. We live in a world of consumption, where every day we make purchases or use the services offered. Often expectations do not correspond to reality. The law allows you to get compensation for disappointment.

There are several typical cases when legal assistance is needed:

  • Conditions from the contract are not fulfilled;
  • You have used the item in accordance with the instructions, but it has deteriorated or broken;
  • The seller imposes unnecessary services;
  • The seller refuses to return the money for the goods that have become unusable;
  • The seller refuses to replace the goods, although you have a warranty card;

The complete set of the product does not match the offer on which you based your purchase.

If you bought a milk carton or a toothbrush, it's easier to forget about an unpleasant situation than to try to recover the cost and moral damage. But often goods and services cost hundreds of thousands of rubles, and the services of a lawyer consumer protection is really necessary.

Example. You bought a food processor, judging by the information provided by the seller, Japanese production. The requested price confirmed this. We studied the instructions and launched the device in accordance with it. But it was assembled in the basement by the hands of unskilled migrants. The device steams and pours broth on the wallpaper, snorts and refuses to work.

Outraged by such a violation of your interests and rights, you go to the store and demand a refund, but the seller does not want to listen to the arguments and return the money. And the warranty card does not work, since the seller claims that the damage to the property occurred due to improper operation, and does not work, because it is not fully filled.

For many stores, such situations are not uncommon, retail chains are attracted to protect the interests of a lawyer. This does not mean that services of inadequate quality should be forgiven, and broken goods should be left to themselves - they say, nothing can be done. This allows unscrupulous sellers to violate the law further.

At the consultation, the lawyer will explain in detail what to do. You need to send a written claim to the store. A lawyer will help prepare it. It is compiled in 2 copies, 1 from you. It must have a date and a mark of delivery, which must be put down by the responsible person in the store. This is necessary for the subsequent trial.

The lawyer will negotiate with the store's management, explain your position to them. Maybe the situation can be resolved in a pre-trial order.

However, most likely, you will have to defend your rights through a court in which a qualified consumer protection lawyer will represent your interests by proxy.

You have the right to choose the court to which you apply - at the place:

  • transactions,
  • registration of the seller,

If the dispute is won, you can demand an exchange of goods for an analogue with acceptable quality or a refund, compensation for the elimination of defects if you have carried out repairs yourself.

You can demand the recovery of the damage received – material and moral. A fine and penalties may be imposed on the seller if they are justified by a lawyer. Thanks to his experience and deep immersion in legislation, he can do this.

The price of a consumer protection claim depends on the specific case, its volume, complexity. The exact price can be called after studying the materials.

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