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NEWLEX company will help the client in reading the contracts.
Our credo is to draw the client's attention to the most important.

We will tell you about the features of the loan agreement, especially about the items that are indicated in small print

We will explain to the client the specifics of the contract, especially the clauses written in small print - they often contain nuances that should not be overlooked

We will help you conclude a loan agreement on the best terms for you

We will study the proposed option and propose a version of the loan agreement so that it is beneficial for you

We will help you understand all the terms of the loan agreement

A loan agreement is a serious thing and not always clear, we will decipher the text and tell the client its terms in an accessible language

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Managing Partner

Experience more than 15 years


Paleyeva Maria

Chief Specialist in Judicial Work

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Partner in the accounting field

Experience more than 25 years


Vladimir Bogdanov

Director of Sales and Marketing Department

Experience more than 7 years


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Banking lawyers in Moscow are specialists in the field of civil law who will help you take out a loan from a bank on really favorable terms for you or deal with the consequences of an error when applying for a loan.

The high popularity of qualified legal assistance in this area in our country is explained by:

  • Firstly, the low legal literacy of the population, which can be encouraged by many tricks to obtain a loan on unfavorable terms (which leads a person to the conditions of a debt pit).
  • Secondly, the financial well-being of the population (almost every citizen of Russia has taken out a loan at least once in his life, and often for quite a lot of money when buying real estate).

A loan lawyer is practically an indispensable specialist for every adult and financially independent citizen of the country. Thanks to it, you can avoid bankruptcy, as well as long-term exhausting credit disputes.

A loan lawyer provides the following services:

  • Travels to the signing of the loan agreement by the client (explains the risks, agrees on the terms of the contract);
  • Represents the client's interests in banks, car sales salons or real estate agencies, numerous credit and microfinance organizations;
  • Provides assistance for the return of expenses and overpayments;
  • Defends the interests of the client in court during disputes with banks or other financial organizations providing loans, mortgages and loans;
  • Draws up a statement of claim or a response to the claim;
  • Appeals against the court decision before its entry into force.

Especially the services of a good lawyer are recommended to the elderly and young people, whom credit organizations deceive most often, or do not deceive, but keep silent about the numerous nuances and pitfalls that await the loan taker.

It is clear that a person who seeks help from a credit lawyer is experiencing financial difficulties, and therefore, first of all, he is concerned about the price issue.

How much the services of a loan lawyer will cost will be determined at the initial free consultation. The price will not change until the end of the work of the credit lawyer.

It is important to note that you can pay for the received assistance not immediately, but within six months inclusive. The installment is interest-free. During this time, you will probably have already dealt with the debt - either through restructuring or bankruptcy, if there are no other options.

A banking lawyer will be able to explain in an accessible language the terms of the loan or mortgage that you are going to take. Therefore, it is not worth saving on such a specialist. One-time savings can result in financial bondage for you and complete dependence on a credit institution, to which you will owe an impressive amount of money with interest.

In which cases you need to contact a loan lawyer:

  • The bank sued you;
  • Do you want to return the insurance on the loan;
  • Do you need to restructure your debt or reduce the loan rate;
  • Credit debts are written off from your card, and you do not understand how and to what extent;
  • Do you want to improve your credit history or file for bankruptcy;
  • You have divorced your spouse and do not know how to divide the debt;
  • Are you just going to take out a loan;
  • You are going to repay the loan ahead of schedule, and you need a specialist to check the documents from the bank.

In most of these cases, one consultation from a competent and experienced specialist is enough, and you will no longer feel that the situation is hopeless. Negative consequences are better to prevent, not to solve. But in both cases, the loan lawyer will do everything to improve your situation.

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