Disputes with developers

How we working

NEWLEX company will help resolve the dispute if the developer does not fulfill its contractual obligations.
An unscrupulous developer must answer with money.

Extensive judicial practice in disputes with the developer

We have extensive experience in litigation with developers who violated the equity agreement

We will help you save money in case of late delivery of the object, or poor-quality repairs

We will help in situations when the object is rented out later than the contractual deadlines or with poor-quality finishing, thereby saving our customers' money

We will collect full compensation from the developer

The developer will not escape responsibility, we will seek compensation for the client for the delay, and for poor-quality repairs and for the costs incurred by the shareholder

Free consultation

We will advise you free of charge on any questions that arise, explain your rights and obligations of the developer

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Heads of our team's directions

Gravirov Nikolai

Managing Partner

Experience more than 15 years


Paleyeva Maria

Chief Specialist in Judicial Work

Experience more than 6 years


Tatiana Soyuzova

Partner in the accounting field

Experience more than 25 years


Vladimir Bogdanov

Director of Sales and Marketing Department

Experience more than 7 years


Clients and partners


Legal services for disputes with developers in Moscow are without a doubt the sphere in which it is necessary to work only with professionals. Construction companies and their subcontractors almost always have their own staff of lawyers, with the help of which they fight off all claims from homeowners. To have a dispute with them in court, and even more so to try to resolve the conflict peacefully, is an unsuccessful idea if you are not savvy in matters of law.

Disputes with developers should be handled by lawyers with many years of experience. Moreover, it is desirable that you and your interests are protected at a court hearing by a specialist working specifically in the field of housing law. A family lawyer can be an excellent professional, but he is not aware of the nuances of construction, norms, regulations. During his practice, he did not establish contacts with experts for conducting examinations. And his help would be pointless.

The NewLex company has been engaged in disputes with construction companies in Moscow and the Moscow region for six years. We know:

  • how to collect a penalty for SA,
  • how to identify and prove violations when putting an object into operation,
  • how to make sure that the amount of compensation is decent,
  • how to identify construction defects and deficiencies in an apartment,
  • how to conduct construction examinations and conduct disputes in court.

Collection under a shared-equity construction contract or a contract takes place without your participation. You will not have to come into conflict with representatives of a construction company or understand the nuances of legal requirements. A penalty for each day of delay, compensation for all identified defects, fines and penalties, compensation for moral damage - all this you will receive without participating in the case.

Shareholders and buyers of apartments in new buildings love us for our extensive experience, transparent and simple terms of assistance, honesty in work, favorable rates and pleasant bonuses, for example, conducting an examination at the expense of the developer.

From filing an initial claim through the drafting of a lawsuit and court sessions to the final receipt of the keys to the apartment or monetary compensation to the account - we conduct business from A to Z, without leaving halfway. But, if there is a desire, you can defend your rights yourself by contacting us only for drafting a statement of claim.

We know like no one else that construction companies can:

  • work in bad faith,
  • overestimate the cost of work,
  • buy the cheapest finishing materials,
  • do not wait for the shrinkage of the new building,
  • to hand over an object with violations of the sanitary or fire department,
  • to go bankrupt before the delivery of the object and disappear from the radar,
  • to mislead about the timing of construction,
  • not to recognize the obvious shortcomings of repairs,
  • to hand over an outright “hack”.

Most of the owners do not even seek to protect their rights, afraid to fight against the whole company. And in vain. Remaining unpunished, such companies continue to produce substandard construction, which affects entire neighborhoods.

A consultation where you will be able to ask all the questions you are interested in will restore your good mood and confidence that justice will prevail. Contact us!

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