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NEWLEX company will help if you are an equity investor.
Our participation in the dispute on the SA is your profitable investment.

Great experience

We have been successfully solving problems with equity participation for a long time, over the past few years we have not lost a single dispute


We will explain all the nuances of investment in shared-equity construction, give recommendations, answer all questions


The cost of services is low, while customers have the opportunity to pay both in installments and in stages

Assistance in carrying out construction expertise

The client is rightly dissatisfied with the quality of the apartment or doubts its normal technical condition - we will conduct a construction examination

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Managing Partner

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Paleyeva Maria

Chief Specialist in Judicial Work

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Tatiana Soyuzova

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Vladimir Bogdanov

Director of Sales and Marketing Department

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A SA lawyer in Moscow is a specialist whose activities are built around protecting the rights and interests of shareholders. Part rights (equity participation in construction) does not lose its relevance in our country. This is an opportunity to save a lot by investing in the construction of a house that does not yet exist. Spend money now, but less than if you buy ready-made housing.

That's just a company engaged in the construction of real estate may go bankrupt or violate the terms of the contract. And the house turns into an unfinished or, at least, a long-term one. Such stories are on everyone's lips - all over Russia. Not that compensation, but at least their apartment, people have been waiting for years.

To prevent this from happening, and investing in a SA has become a profitable business for you, and not a reason for a painful trial, you need a lawyer for shared-equity construction. With what questions do they come to us for consultation and further for legal support of the dispute:

You are going to become shareholders and want to understand how it all looks in the legal field.

You are going to become shareholders and want to check the developer for integrity.

The developer, for some unknown reason, overestimates the cost of the object.

The developer poorly fulfills its obligations, for example, poorly finishes the premises.

  • The developer violates the deadlines prescribed in the SA.
  • You need help in collecting a penalty for violating the terms of the contract.
  • The facility was commissioned in violation of the requirements of the law.
  • You intend to demand a refund from the construction company through the court.
  • You are offered additional agreements to sign, and you are not sure about them.

Competent and highly qualified legal assistance to shareholders allows you to do without the terrifying delay of the process, lengthy court battles and carrying papers from one instance to another. We are sure that shareholders who are in a bad situation have enough options to do without dreary judicial conflicts. We will take the penalty from the developer on the SA or other issues on ourselves.

  • We will write and file a claim to the construction company.
  • We will draw up a statement of claim, petitions, challenges, appeals.
  • We will hold negotiations with representatives of the developer for a peaceful solution of the issue.
  • We will provide a full range of services for the correct calculation of the penalty so that it is accepted by the court.
  • We will act on behalf of the initiative group of shareholders in court at the trial stage of the proceedings.
  • We will work with bailiffs in case you decide to get a refund of the funds spent.
  • We will consult on any issue related to shared-equity construction.

Remember that the recovery procedure can go quickly. Lawyers are trained to talk to the court and operate with facts, references to laws in order to impress both the developer himself and the court staff. The services of a specialist in comparison with the cost of an apartment in a high-rise building are extremely cheap. But they are the ones who help to achieve justice and get proper quality living space at your disposal.

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